Shrill Spectre is finally here!!

| May 8th, 2015

shrill spectre

The new album is available to download through the links below!

“Shrill Spectre” is the first Scientific Maps full-length in 6 years. Some of the songs on the album were conceived around 2010, while most of the others are very new. The album was surreptitiously recorded in various abandoned homes in Albany, NY and in old, run-down graveyards in Brooklyn. Most of the sounds on the album were made by Aaron, but some special guests appear, including Jason Martin, Donna Baird, and the enigmatical Schenectady band, the Reflective Strangers. The themes explored and the eerie interludes harken back to the first Scientific Maps release, “Get off the Moon,” as do the lo-fi recording methods. Research indicates the new album is perfect for listening to while driving late at night down dimly lit tree lined roads, at rooftop barbecue parties held during thunderstorms, googling “what to do when a seance has gone very wrong,” getting ready for a night out skulking in damp caves, or just dancing alone in your cell. What are you waiting for? Go get it. Thank you and listen carefully.